This is the download site for the free personal editions of Ni Hao Language Lab, Ni Hao Mini-Games and the paid Ni Hao Audio (mp3) files.

Ni Hao Audio mp3 downloads

Audio files (mp3) for Ni Hao 1 to Ni Hao 5 are available as a paid download. Go to: Ni Hao file downloads

Ni Hao Language Lab and Ni Hao Mini Games downloads for Windows 10 and macOS

The personal editions of the Ni Hao Language Lab and Ni Hao Mini Games software are available as a free download for those students who have purchased the books. You will need to have with you the Ni Hao Textbook for the Language Lab or the Ni Hao Workbook for the Mini Games as a simple question about the book needs to be answered correctly to download the software.

Schools are not licenced to use Ni Hao Mini Games (eWork) in class, please purchase Ni Hao Games which provides a licence for class use.

* The PC requires Windows 10.

* The Mac requires macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later.

Master copies for schools are available, please contact: ChinaSoft support

If your existing licence has expired just download the software again.

To download the Language Lab or Mini Games, please click the Continue button to begin.